The Basskitty @ workThe Basskitty hat mit diesem Mix ein interessantes Experiment gewagt. Er vermischt verschiedene Styles und Genres mit Tempowechseln von 148 bpm bis zu einer Spitzengeschwindigkeit von 180 bpm. Dadurch versucht er einen eigenen, neuen Style zu kreieren dem der Gedanke einer totalen Integration der diversen Sounds zu Grunde liegt. Seiner Meinung nach wird es einem talentierten DJ, der fähig ist zu sehen was das Publikum will, durch nahtlose Integration und Wechsel von Styles, Tempos, Sounds und somit hervorgerufenen Gefühlen ermöglicht die tanzende Masse optimal zu befriedigen.
Lest nun, was er selbst dazu schreibt, in englischer Originalfassung klingt das alles viel besser:

I performed & recorded this set as a result of conversations I had with other Dj’s about blending genres.
I wanted to show people who haven’t tried it yet how to mix dubstep & drumstep together seamlessly using tempo changes. This set starts out at 148bpm, moves to 176, then back to 148, then to 180. Two of these four tempo changes are done with “transition tracks” which change tempo mid-song, and twice I changed the tempo manually in serato.

It is my personal belief that in the next decade we will see a merging and blending of all styles and sounds from the past and present. Multi-genre sets will be the next norm.
Already, we are:
- Mixing dubstep with hardcore & hardstyle around 145-150 bpm & creating “dubstyle” & “dubcore”
- Mixing dubstep & fidget electro house around 134-140 bpm
- Transitioning between Dubstep & drumstep using tempo changes to hype up the crowd
- Using drumstep to transition to jungle, Drum n Bass, & breakcore
- Blending drumstep, breakcore and hardcore around 175 bpm
The inevitable end result of this is a altogether New Style which is actually ALL STYLES in the hands of a masterful Dj, and ends up becoming undefinable or unclassifiable. The most skilled Djs of the next 10 years will be able to read a dancing crowd and give them immediately whatever they want by seamlessly changing styles & tempos, sounds & feels.
I am currently trying to work towards such total integration of sounds, and this set was a small step towards that.

Some production notes:

For the first 15 min of the set there was no monitor, I was behind a big subwoofer and could only hear WOOOOOM. There was also 3 of us plugging shit in in the closet-sized booth, so the beginnig of this mix is not totally on-point according to my personal standards. During the Dayn track aorund 16:00 I got a monitor and everybody cleared the booth and things went pretty smoothly from there.

During the “8 Bit Bitch” hiphop mashup around 43:00, when I slowed the track down from 176 to 148 by hand in serato, I got some digital artifacts (that glitchy slowing down sound). This does NOT normally happen in serato. The only reason it happened was because I was also recording the mix on the same laptop and running out of harddrive space. If you have a fast enough computer, you can slow down tracks such large amounts (16% in this case) with the “key lock” button still on with no digital noise, perfectly cleanly and smoothly. So don’t let that glitchy sound you hear dissuade you from trying it at home… and Live!!